Hygate is an exciting option for active seniors in Kitchener Waterloo but if you’re not quite ready and still considering a move, here are the top benefits of living at a retirement community.

  1. Safe Environment – Most retirement homes offer 24 staff and security with suites and amenity areas designed to support an aging lifestyle. Staff are trained to support the safety and well-being of residents making it worry-free living for both residents and their families.
  1. Remain Independent – Retirement homes offer choices and many ways to live independently. A couple can continue to live together, you can still choose your own suite and decide how to decorate it. You can come and go as you please and participate as much or as not in community happenings. There are many choices available each day in how you enjoy your lifestyle and home.
  1. Stay Active and Healthy – Senior living supports healthy aging with daily fitness that can include yoga, walking clubs, even pickleball. You can also embrace brain fitness by learning something new, through visiting speakers and book groups.
  1. Have FUN! – Retirement homes have a full monthly calendar including concerts, outings, art classes, there’s something for everyone and new things to try each month. Classes are led by a recreation team to ensure maximum enjoyment. Upscale retirement homes like Hygate offer resort-style amenities to enjoy as well including spa services, games room, coffee Bistro and outdoor spaces.
  1. Meet New People – There are many opportunities to make friends and meet new people. From Happy Hours to learning to line dance, there is a wonderful sense of community with residents making the most of their retirement years together.
  1. Caring Community – Get help when you need it there is easy access to onsite healthcare. A visiting doctor for those with any health concerns. Medication management is offered at most residences by the care team to avoid any mix-ups. You also have the ability to age-in-place when assisted living is offered to receive nursing care when needed.
  1. Less Family Stress – Knowing that an older family member is safe and well-cared for alleviates the stress from family members. Instead they get to enjoy seeing the quality of life improves for their loved one and they can visit to enjoy quality time together instead of the burden of caregiving.
  1. For the Food Lover – Enjoy fine dining and good nutrition with no need to cook. Fresh prepared meals are served each day in a restaurant style dining room. From gourmet dining to comfort food, the repertoire can be broad and varied with options available every day.
  1. Carefree Living – You eliminate the need for home maintenance or driving. Retirement living is a low maintenance lifestyle with more time to do the things you enjoy. Let someone else do the cooking, cleaning, and gardening. It’s carefree living with the convenience of easy access to a wide range of amenities and services at your door.
  1. Unexpected Affordability – Seniors often don’t realize how much it’s costing them to remain in their own home but once it’s all added up, the cost of moving to a retirement home is affordable to many. Having one all-inclusive rate each month allows for easy financial management.

The best way to experience senior living is to see for yourself. Taking a tour is a great way to see if it’s a fit for you or your loved one. As well Hygate offers a virtual tour, click to watch here.

Hygate on Lexington offers daily tours. Reach out to 519-501-1131 or email us at info@hygateliving.com